Monday, March 30, 2009

My World; Tuesday;

Are silent rivers and huge colourful sand dunes. Please click the pictures.

Tiny rock pools with treasures in subtle colours.

Shells and pieces of coral...

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Blooming Friday; Dichorisandra thyrsiflora;

Under an autumnal blue sky.... the time for Dichorisandra thyrisflora to bloom...

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Blue Ginger, Dichorisandra thyrsiflora is not a true ginger, but it has ginger-like, arching stems and vibrant, purple/blue flowers in autumn. This exotic Brazilian perennial is the perfect plant for moist, shady spots in the garden and looks particularly good teamed with tree ferns and palms. It also makes a good pot plant.
Blue ginger grows around 2m (6') tall and 1m (3') wide. The 30cm (12") long leaves are narrow, glossy and dark green. Blue ginger is frost tender, and does best from Sydney to Perth and areas north.

This plant does very well in my subtropical Garden. It is also easy to propagate. Cut off a piece of stem and plant it in the warm time of the year.
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Monday, March 23, 2009

My World;

Are beautiful National parks;

This area is full of butterflies and tiny birds flitting about and a constant chorus of bird voices.

... including 60 km of coastline.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poor, dismissed dogs! you are a pain...

Our Billy loved and cherished. Billy is now two years old; he joined us when he was a tiny pup, eight weeks old. He has learned our ways; and we have learned his ways!

I came upon this post randomly. The story was about children and their wee ways of talking and picking up words from adults.
The lady asked one small girl "have you still got your Jack Russel"? No, said the small person, he was a pain in the a...! No I do not think this is funny; it is rather ugly coming out of the mouth of a small child.
I feel sorry for every dog who has the misfortune to end up with a family who is a pain in the a...!
I do not like people who do not teach their children to have compassion towards animals.
Why do people have a dog in the first place? To satisfy the whims of their spoiled, stupid children? Once the craze of the puppy stage is gone and the dog is not behaving because the pain in the has no clue how to train a dog, the poor dog is dismissed, sold or whatever. If he is lucky he will end up with a loving family who understands him and give him some training to fit into family life. Dogs are part of the family they are not just pets! A dog in a family is a friend for life!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My World; Australia;

My world are Kangaroos. This mother and her joey live in the Yuraygir Nationalpark in Northern New South Wales. Please click the picture to see the joey.

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Photos TS.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mathematics in Nature; The Fibonacci spiral;

The Fibonacci Spiral is a mathematical formula in which each interconnected area is the sum of the two preceding areas.
The golden ratio; the sum of two unequal quantities plus the larger of the two is the same as the
ratio between the larger and the smaller.

The Fibonacci numbers are a sequence of numbers named after Leonardo of Pisa, known as Fibonacci (a contraction of filius Bonaccio, "son of Bonaccio"). Fibonacci's 1202 book Liber Abaci introduced the sequence to Western European mathematics, although the sequence had been previously described in Indian mathematics.

The Fibonacci sequence was well known in ancient India, where it was applied to the metrical sciences (prosody), long before it was known in Europe. Developments have been attributed to Pingala (200 BC), Virahanka (6th century AD), Gopāla (c.1135 AD), and Hemachandra (c.1150 AD).[6]

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Award for "thisandthat";

I have received this cute "hearty" award.

Nina has a blog called shabby chic with eclectic, decorative ideas. Nina has stretched out her hands in friendship to me with this award.

I wish that my blogger friends come forward and extend their hands in friendship.

This award is waiting for YOU .

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My World, Australia;

My world embraces gently rolling hills and....
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the Pacific Ocean.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Global kitchen cupboard;

My silver water jug is made by Whitehill, not in England but Indonesia.

Villeroy and Boch fine china is still made in Germany.

These cute Robert Gordon Pottery is still made in Australia;

The famous and very practical mixing bowls Rosti are originally from Denmark, but I think they are now made in Thailand.

The practical and sturdy Melamine tray from Villeroy and Boche is made in China.

I am not happy about Globalisation. Trade between countries has always existed and I agree with that. But not Globalisation. I do not mind buying from other countries, per example beautiful leather goods from Italy, designed and made in Italy not designed in Italy and made in China. Wedgwood china made in Indonesia; no thank you very much.

I hate to see all the skills abandoned, manufacturing moved to Asian countries for more profits. It is a completely wrong approach and our Governments we have elected and are paid by us should address that to keep work and manufacturing at home.

Globalisation curtails our rights, our traditions our language and our money. When a country forfeits its manufacturing of goods, its currency, it looses its Independence.

The people of Ireland voted to reject the Lisbon Treaty. But politicians across Europe are refusing to accept the result. They arrogantly insist that the Treaty must go ahead anyway. Despite the no vote, the UK Government is planning to carry on regardless, and ratify the Treaty in the House of Lords on Wednesday.This is part of an attempt to isolate and bully the people of Ireland.

Only Ireland is constitutionally obliged to hold a referendum. Thus, out of a European population of 620 million, only one country of four million will be given any say on the Treaty. Even this has caused nervousness within the European ruling elite.

King Gee, Bonds job cuts: Dark day for Illawarra textile workers

Almost 300 Illawarra clothing manufacturing workers, many of them in tears, were told yesterday their jobs would be axed with the closure of the Bonds factory at Unanderra and the KingGee factory at Bellambi.
The announcement stunned the mostly female workforce, many of whom have worked for the iconic clothing brands for decades.
The decision by Pacific Brands to move its manufacturing operations offshore will result in a loss of 281 Illawarra jobs and 1850 jobs nationwide.
"The company decided it owed more allegiance to the stock exchange than it did to staff and union members."
Pacific Brands, which also manufactures Holeproof, Dunlop, Stussy, Mossimo, Berlei and Hard Yakka brands, is one of the country's largest clothing manufacturers.

Since the 2000-01 financial year Pacific Brands has received more than $72 million in government assistance.

Instead of enabling small businesses to produce products much cheaper, the government imports identical products to those produced locally. The importing of foreign imports from multinationals is destroying local producers.

Deregulation enables multinationals to get products much cheaper than small businesses, at the poor primary producers expense.

Multinationals suppress inventions and discoveries so that the world is forced to rely on their redundant, wasteful, costly and addictive products that bring them great profit.

Multinationals control the price of energy and essential products and services despite the fact that there are much more efficient but suppressed methods available.

International laws appear good, but are deceptively introduced to give the powerful more power.

If countries don't accept a condition, they are given sanctions or their leaders are brought down. Peace agreements and common ties between countries have some benefit, but give the world a false sense of security and tie countries together ready for a one world government.

The stock market is overvalued and rigged.

Banks create money from nothing and demand it back, together with unnecessarily high interest.They encourage waste of money so that they can profit from the interest. (Money was covered by gold, today it is only real estate.)

Government policies are advised by unelected bureaucrats, linked to and influenced by the powerful multinationals.

What do you think about Globalisation?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My World; Australia;

In the tropics growth is exuberant;

Ferns are growing all over the trees in humid conditions;

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