Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My World; Cairns, Australia;

This picture was taken from the top floor at the Mercure Hotel in January which is the rainy season in the tropics. The mountains are hung with clouds, it rains every day and it is hot and steamy. The hotel was all right, but I would not choose it anymore as it is to far out of the city.
I like Cairns, it still has a bit of an old fashioned flair which gives this tropical city a wonderful ambiance. I think I could live there.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pet Pride; Mrs. Benteli;

Mrs. Benteli was born in our garden 14 years ago. Her name, Mrs. Benteli, derives from a little story.

Every Sunday morning an old lady went past our garden. Every Sunday she wore a black dress with tiny white dots, just like Tooki's plumage. Mrs Benteli comes when I call her. She talks all the time to herself.

She more or less tolerated Mitzi and Sophie,the dogs, sometimes there was a little skirmish but Mrs Benteli always stood her ground.

Now in her old age she has never accepted Billy, probably because he is also a Jack Russel when he joined our family more then two years ago.

We had a Rottweiler called Taj. He was a wonderful dog with a very sweet nature. He was her friend, she slept between his paws.

She lives now in the orchard with the chickens. I feed her twice a day away from the chickens so she can have her little treats. She still comes for walks with me in the orchard.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My World; Broadbeach;

A small part of My World, Gold Coast city, is Broadbeach with its Highrises and Holiday lifestyle! This is a glance from the Monorail which connects the Jupiter's Casino with a shopping area called Oasis.
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