Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Myth; chewing 27 times;

Paella; plenty to chew;

A myth is an 'old wives' tale,' unsubstantiated, accepted beliefs.

Some studies proclaim to chew your food slowly and more then 27 times. True or false?

When people emerged from the shadows they hunted and gathered their food. There was never food in abundance. As faster they chewed and swallowed as more they could eat, because they did not know when their next food would be available. This means we have not been programmed by nature to eat slowly. We are programmed to gobble down our food. Civilisation has brought forward more refined table manners which means to eat slowly and savour the food we are eating.

Imagine the family sitting around the table eating dinner; everyone counts how many chews, no time for an interesting talk, or how was your day, no, everybody is busy chewing and counting; Who ever had this ridiculous idea?

After eating go for a walk; true or false?
Our ancestors would happily curl up, rest and sleep after their meal. Animals do not go for a walk after they have eaten; they rest.
It is programmed in us, once we have hunted, caught and eaten our food, we were tired and it was not necessary to go and hunt again, as our tummies were full.
Civilisation has changed our lifestyle, but after a good meal we still feel pleasantly tired to have a nap if possible.


  1. Sure Titania, but chewing longer gives less time to "swallow" too much and helps you stay slim! Ha ha ha

  2. You are absolutely right. There are always two possibilities.

  3. Your garden looks beautiful. I hadn't heard of the chewing 27 times before swallowing myth before.

  4. I had always heard that we were supposed to chew 32 times! The few times I tried it I thought it was overkill. This post made me chuckle. I agree with napping after a meal. Especially after a turkey dinner. All that Tryptophan! Guess our parents weren't always right. :)

  5. I heard eating slowly is supposed to stop putting on weight. Not sure how that works. We always feel sleepy after a meal because the brain sends a message to the circulatory system to send more blood to the stomach to help digestion, or give the stomach more energy, so it takes energy away from the brain to keep you awake. So the story goes.

  6. I chew a little slower than I used to? Hmm..ha I rememember a girl in highschool I hadn't seen in awhile. She'd lost a lot of weight..(dramatic) I asked her how, and she told me uppers and chewing her food to gew! I never forgot that.
    I just wanted to say I hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you the best for this New Year. It's uncertain thats for sure. Anyway- regards, Regina-