Friday, January 30, 2009

Blooming Friday; Kathleen;

This lovely cailin 'Kathleen' graces our entrance up to the driveway to our home.
Please click pictures to appreciate its silken beauty.

Tibouchina granulosa 'Kathleen'
This cultivar has pink flowers (The original species T. granulosa has purple flowers), and will grow into a tree if left unpruned.
In the literature, gardeners are generally advised to plant Tibouchinas in well drained, acidic soils and to supply plenty of water and fertiliser. However, Tibouchinas are seen all over Brisbane in situations where soils are probably less than ideal and where they're unlikely to be receiving any supplemental water or fertiliser after establishment. In this region, therefore, they can be considered relatively tough, trouble-free plants for average garden conditions.
Of course, they are more likely to perform at their best with a little attention. They are widely believed to like an acid soil so this should be kept in mind when considering fertilisers, potting mixes and soil amendments.
As with most shrubs, the best time for major pruning is immediately after flowering (the main flowering for Tibouchina being autumn).

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  1. Such a beautiful shrub - I love both the shape and the colour of the flowers. Lucky you to have such exotic blooms!
    I wish you a lovely weekend /Katarina

  2. I believe we call them "Klematis" in Norway, and they come in a lot of variations, don't they? Beautiful flowers in all colours!

  3. Katarina thank you for your comment.

    Valkyrien, you are right the flowers look similar in shape and colour to the Clematis. But this one is a Tibouchina originated from Brazil. It is a tropical shrub. Clematis do not grow in my area, it is to hot and humid.