Monday, February 23, 2009

My World; Australia;

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White faced Heron; Egretta novae hollandiae;
Fritz is a permanent live-in guest in our garden since many years. Her home is a very tall Hoop Pine. Up there she rears every spring one or two young ones. A few days ago, I heard her calling she was very upset. So I thought I better go and have a look. It was very dark, I took my strong flashlight and shone it up the tree. I saw her high up on her usual branch.
Further down Mrs. Benteli our tame guinea fowl, she lives with us since 1995, was roosting on her usual place. In between to big yellow eyes were looking down belonging to a black ringtail possum. It must have disturbed Fritz. After that commotion all was quiet, everybody went back to sleep except the possum.

This bird is completely wild and free.

My world is rainy, it is warm and steamy and the leaves don't stop growing!

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  3. I love your world Trudi! It's just so wonderful to have a bird as fascinating as the heron living in your property.

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  5. Just to see if this is working now. Love ML

  6. A Heron in your garden...that's so cool!!!