Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pet Pride; Mrs. Benteli;

Mrs. Benteli was born in our garden 14 years ago. Her name, Mrs. Benteli, derives from a little story.

Every Sunday morning an old lady went past our garden. Every Sunday she wore a black dress with tiny white dots, just like Tooki's plumage. Mrs Benteli comes when I call her. She talks all the time to herself.

She more or less tolerated Mitzi and Sophie,the dogs, sometimes there was a little skirmish but Mrs Benteli always stood her ground.

Now in her old age she has never accepted Billy, probably because he is also a Jack Russel when he joined our family more then two years ago.

We had a Rottweiler called Taj. He was a wonderful dog with a very sweet nature. He was her friend, she slept between his paws.

She lives now in the orchard with the chickens. I feed her twice a day away from the chickens so she can have her little treats. She still comes for walks with me in the orchard.

wings and paws click here


  1. Oh my gosh! So sweet. Who says that birds can't have personality? Is she a guinea hen? I have always heard that they are good watch dogs (birds).

  2. hello mrs. bentelli.
    am so pleased to have you on board Pet Pride
    you are the 1st guinea fowl on board! proud of you girl for being what you are! am sure you will have fun out there meeting the rest of us!


  3. Hi Gail, yes she is a guinea hen. They have very loud voices and tell when they see something, also humans, they do not know. She used to have a very forceful call but now we barley hear her.

    Thank you bozo for making me so welcome.

  4. What a wonderful image, of Mrs Benteli sleeping between Taj's paws!

  5. Helo Titania

    Was für eine elegante und hübsche Dame die Mrs. Benteli. Schon erstaunlich, dass sie mit Taj, dem Rottweiler Freundschaft geschlossen und ihm vertraut hat. Sie hat sich gut platziert fürs Bild im grünen Topf *schmunzel*.
    Liebe Grüsse

  6. What a sweet story - and such a beautiful hen!

  7. Oh, Mrs. Bentli is adorable a nice and gentle personality it seems.
    P.S. It sure is different here in South Australia from my beloved Maison Tranquille in La Pène.

  8. I have always wanted a guinea hen. One of these days I'm going to get one.

  9. Mrs Benteli is beautiful, looking a bit aged but still an attractive bird who deserves her extra treats.

  10. This is really beautiful photo with Mrs. Benteli in the middle of the flower pot. It made me smile. She is beautiful. I like the way you describe her plumage. It really looks like black dress with tiny white dots. Lovely photo! :-)

  11. I love guinea fowls! Thanks for sharing.

  12. We have a guinea fowl who adopted us over a year ago. We named him Frankie and he goes on walks with us, too! (We're actually not sure if he's a him or a her...)
    We have a German Shepherd/Great Dane mix, Max, that tolerates Frankie. Our lab mix recently died and we're thinking of getting a puppy to keep Max company, but we worry about how it will get along with Frankie. I saw that you had a Rottweiler - which came first for you, the dog or the guinea?