Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My World; Cairns, Australia;

This picture was taken from the top floor at the Mercure Hotel in January which is the rainy season in the tropics. The mountains are hung with clouds, it rains every day and it is hot and steamy. The hotel was all right, but I would not choose it anymore as it is to far out of the city.
I like Cairns, it still has a bit of an old fashioned flair which gives this tropical city a wonderful ambiance. I think I could live there.
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  1. Believe Tatiana, I had been to Cairns once only and of all the times of the year, it happened at the height of Summer. And I got suffocated and my brain got almost baked.

    It was a shame that because of the extreme heat I didn't stand in a long long time, I missed out to appreciate the beauty of the place other than the forest where the house of the owner used to live.

    He happens to be my ex-brother in-law. Anyway, it was good to see the topside of Australia. This picture is a very reminder.

    Cheers to your world!

  2. Great shot of an interesting looking city. Do love the clouds over the mountains. Have to admit, however, that I don't deal with heat very well, so I probably prefer seeing it from here in Seattle, thanks to your camera magic!
    Enjoy the week!

  3. interesting city and i too, don't think i could handle the humidity and heat so i would have to visit when it wasn't that time of year. i have not yet been to australia but it is on our travel plans in the future.
    have a wonderful week.

  4. Great view over the town, seems like a nice place, but moving is a big step.:)

  5. A wonderful shot! I have never made it that far north, heat and I do not make good bedfellows although I love the bounties of tropical flora I have to stay in cooler climes, if you can call our 45.5C temps. last summer as cooler!

  6. That's a great shot! The city looks so misty.

  7. That's a very dramatic sky. What a great place.

  8. Great capture and looks like a cool place specially with the drifting clouds and mountains.


  9. I don't think i would visit Cairns in January.
    We were there a few years ago in July and it was the coldest they had ever had it. We had to go shopping for warm clothes. Can you believe that? Better than the heat.It is a nice town and I love the tropical surrounds.
    Thanks for your comment about our river walks. I hope to take you on another soon.