Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pet Pride; The Angelinas;

Hi Bozo; today I want you yo meet the "Angelinas". I am sure you would like to chase them. I have to tell you it is not allowed, I have tried a few times...they lay eggs and they are yummy! Have you got chickens at your home?
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  1. Hi Titania,

    Do you know the name of that lovely daylily in your header photo?

    Our neighbors have chickens, guineas, and turkey. They used to have a couple of emu as well. All have been to visit us (they never did catch the emu the last time they got out) except for the chickens, but I hear their roosters crowing every morning and evening. In fact we had a small flock of the neighbor's guineas in our back yard this morning.

  2. Hi Titania, I like these photos of yours. They brought some dear memories to me. Once we really had chickens in our garden. My late brother purchased an incubator one day in 1991 in order to get little chickens from that. We knew that he liked to try and experiment many things but we didn’t know how chickens occurred to him at all. Anyway, when time came for the chickens to hatch from their eggs we all were very exciting even more than our children who were little. We pushed one another in order to take a peek through a tiny hole of the white incubator and to see a spectacular site of chicks hatching. Oh, how funny that was! It still makes me smile when I remember of those moments. I cannot remember how many chicks there were but I know that there was no any chance for us to have chickens in our small garden. That’s why my brother gave them to those who had better conditions for keeping them. Despite of all, there were two chickens left which developed into hens; one was black and the other was red so we called them just like that “Black” and “Red”. That is another story about them two. They were so jealous of one another. Black's back was bald because Red used to pull its feathers. Red used to hatch more eggs than Black (Black rare hatched eggs) but it was Black that was cackling instead of Red who was always silence. There are so many interesting moments with them two but I have to shorten this story. But there is something more I would like to say. Those two hens were very useful to us when the war began in May 1992. There was less and less of food and their eggs were worth of “gold” to our children. Well, Black stopped to lay eggs very soon but Red used to lay one egg a day or every other day until one day her eggs completely failed. I regret to say that one day they had to finish in a pot.

  3. hey angelinas i promise not to chase you as your human loves you so much and made you a part of Pet Pride !
    happy laying!

    Pet Pride

  4. Must be nice to eat super fresh eggs!

  5. Great shots of your pets. Great entry for the meme.

  6. Our neighbors have chickens, guineas, and turkey. They used to have a couple of emu as well.
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