Saturday, March 12, 2011

Macro Flowers Saturday; Geranium;

Geranium; I like this pink/white concoction. They are ever popular plants and are never out of fashion. I grow mainly hanging ivy geraniums.They do well through spring, autumn and winter. they do not like my humid, hot summer.

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  1. I love geraniums too, they are easy to grow and very rewarding.
    Lovely shot Titania!

  2. This is so pretty. I want spring time sunshine and warmth to hurry and get here so my flowers start blooming again.

  3. Hi Titania, we are fellow MFS meme-ics, and Maia has done such a good job, that I feel a bond with this community of ours. Am following your blogs to get to know you better. You have so many, how do you manage your time my dear?
    I love geraniums too, but can't easily find a plant to buy here in Malaysia.Yours is a lovely 2-toned specimen.

  4. This one is so pretty! I don't think we have double flower here yet.

  5. Such a gorgeous colour and shot!