Saturday, March 19, 2011

Macro Flowers Saturday; Gloriosa rothschildiana;

I have been away up North for a few days. Walking along the beach I found this Gloriosa scrambling all over the place with many flowers. I think they show generally a more crimson colour than this orange red. It is a vine and grows from tubers. I have taken a few cuttings to try to grow it.
I hope you like the Gloriosa Lily as it is sometimes called.

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  1. Australia has the most amazing and unique flowers and birds that I have never seen, living in North America as I do. This one is a real beauty, and completely new to me.

  2. I'd never have imagined these flowers growing on the beach! They grow wild in the jungles near my hometown. I bought some tubers in December on a holiday trip to a neighbouring state. Now they are ready to use the support that I have already readied for them. It's a first time for me. LOVE your header!!

  3. Interesting little flower, quite new for me. I love its strong orange color.

  4. I am not sure the ones planted here are of same variety. Also, I saw a gardener who planted it in the open, in the full sun, the vine and flower look 'skinnier', so I thought some shade will be better for the plant. Or maybe the ones we have here is a different variety of Gloriosa superba. I have not grown one before but wish to plant one some day. It's a beautiful plant. I hope your cutting sends out new shoots for you ;-)

  5. Thank you to all for the comments. I have planted the cuttings, they still look good. I hope I can get them growing.

  6. Did you ever get the Gloriosa cuttings growing? Most sites only mention propagation from bulbs or seeds, so it would be interesting to hear how your cuttings developed...