Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deep fried Pastries; "Schenkeli"

The autumn sky;
Generally this deep fried traditional pastry is strictly for Carnival times which occurs in Switzerland in February. Here are no Carnival celebrations and in any case February in the subtropics is not an ideal month to make deep fried pastries, as it is still very humid and hot. I can not help myself but once a year I have to make Schenkeli. The ideal time is late autumn or winter. As I usually can not wait until winter, I make them in autumn. They are easy and quick. the only time it takes, is to let the dough rest over night, possibly in the fridge.

The finished Schenkeli which means loosely translated, "small thighs". Somebody had already sticky fingers.
The recipe if you want to try your hand on these. They are yummy and moreish!
Schenkeli (small thighs)
makes around 30
Butter 50 g
Sugar 125 g mix well together
Eggs 2 add
pinch of salt beat well by hand or with a electric beater until light and frothy.
Kirsch or Brandy 1 Tblspoon
The grated peel of 1 lemon
250 g plain flour
add to mixture and quickly knead the dough. For best results leave it in the fridge over night.
Make longish rolls about a finger thick, cut those in 8 cm long sticks. Deep fry in Peanut oil. I let them rest on absorbent paper to soak up the oil. The oil should not be to hot until the Schenkeli have risen and split. Sieve plenty of icing sugar over them. Ready to eat with a cup of tea or coffee.


  1. These must be so tasty! I'll try them out once it gets a little cooler.

  2. I have to try those. The recipe looks simple and quick. Anything with lemon in it must be yummy. Are you originally from Switzerland?

  3. Hi Titania,
    Will have to try them.Looks yummy.Loved your post on the Pelican.

  4. Mmmmm yummy. We're coming over for afternoon tea. I must show BB and see if he can make some.

  5. Bill has subscribed to a photo site of the area near where he comes from in Switzerland. You may enjoy these beautiful photos too.

  6. Diane is right! I too look forward to some Schenkelis. I'll make some when the weather turns colder. I recently have made a few Lebkuchen for Christmas, even one with marzipan in the middle but that was a bit too much work for my liking.