Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day;

The vegetable gardener, Poeta and Scientist, closed his eyes and handed over the finances.
Considering ( the little money I spend) I had quite a good shopping spree.

No, I did not buy this rose. Elina grows in my garden from a cutting, which was free from my daughter's garden.

I bought a new teapot. Botanic blue from Portmeirion.

I really "needed" a new shopping bag. Who could say no to this snazzy piece. (It is not leather, fine for me.)

Who would guess that this cute purse is woven from bamboo. It is from Ciannis.

My favourite, a new journal, spring green embossed with flowers, made in Italy.

I can not wait to use all these blank pages.

A little egghead...a tape measure (they always disappear) this one has a magnet and hopefully stays on the fridge door.
I had a few nice Mother's Days staying with my second daughter in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. The cottage has no electricity, outdoor toilet had a wonderful view in to the bush. Shower had piping hot water and in the evening the solar lights came on. In the morning a chorus of bird song was welcoming the new day.


  1. Belated Happy Mother's Day greetings!
    You did some wonderful shopping. :) I liked the colorful purse very much.

  2. Thank you Indrani for your comment. It is wonderful what can be made from Bamboo.

  3. That sounds like the best kind of present - some money to do shopping for all sorts of treasures. I just love your handbag. I also have a soft spot for 'different' handbags.

  4. Liebe Titania

    Da hast Du schöne und praktische Sachen für Dich eingekauft. Das würde mir alles auch gut gefallen und der Tee schmeckt bestimmt noch besser aus dem neuen blauen Teekrug.

    Das waren echte "Robinson" Ferien bei Deiner Tochter, ohne Elektrizität kann ich mir gar nicht mehr vorstellen, hier hat es auch in der hintersten Berghütte welche. Doch so eine Aussicht in den Busch und erst die vielfältigen Geräusche das muss faszinierend sein! Na ja wenn nur die Hitze nicht wäre, wenigstens was mich anbelangt.

    Guten Wochenstart und liebe Grüsse

  5. What a wonderful shopping spree for Mothers day. I liked the bamboo purse also. I am a weaver and appreciate the use of bamboo as a fiber. It makes great baby blankets also. Your egg measuring tape made me jealous. My husband and I collect those egg kitchen doodads and we have not seen a measuring tape yet. We have a whisk, egg timer and egg slicer. It's a fun collection.