Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My World; Country Roads;

Up and down....

...and straight ahead...

...through a town... or two

... around the bend....
Click here to travel on roads around the world.
Photos TS.


  1. Hello Titania, thanks for the ride alongside the country roads.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

  2. Where did this road take you? Waiting for the second episode of the story! :-)

  3. Mary Elizabeth, thank you for stopping by.

    Wonder Turquette, thank you for the visit. The way to Ballina and Lismore in Northern New south Wales. The town is part of Byron Bay.

  4. These are beautiful glimpses. :)

  5. Hello Tatiana! I hope you have arrived wherever you where going to on this trip! :)

    Only a comment from your visit; Women do actually skijump! In Norway we have a great girl, jumping longer than most men! And they have their own championships I believe!

    Have a great day - and thanks for visiting! :)

  6. Sandy thank you for your comment.
    Indrani thank you for stopping by.
    Valkyrien; thank you for your comment. I did not know this, how brave!